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Seeking for a place to store your stocks?

Self-storage is a perfect solution to manage your space, with the flexibility to increase available space and time. You may increase or decrease the space of your box whenever needed.

Have an E-commerce business and wish to store your products, or have a physical distribution spot?

Have a convenient distribution spot closer to your clients and reduce logistic costs.

Your company needs extra space for the old archive files?

Do not turn your office space into a storage room. Reduce costs and store the old archive files in a cheaper location, while you gain more space for you and your workers.

Remodeling your home or moving and need a place to temporarily store your items? Moving abroad for a while and intend to rent your home?

Our safe and flexible storage boxes are the perfect solution. Rest assured that your belongings are safe and well kept.

Seeking for a storage solution for your motorcycle or car?

We offer proper parking for cars and motorcycles, as well as recreational vehicles and boats.

In OrangeSpace Self-Storage we have the perfect solution for your lack of storage space, whether personal or professional.

Choose from our options which best suits your needs.


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