What to consider when choosing a storage unit

What to consider when chossing a storage unit

What to consider when chossing a storage unit:

1. The location of the facility and proximity to your home

When you are looking for a space it’s important to consider the proximity to your home. Are you willing to travel farther?  Is it convenient for you to store your belongings and have fast access to it? You can save rental costs, but you may end up paying more in fuel and time. This is especially important if you plan to travel back and forth between the storage unit and your home to retrieve items multiple times.

2. The price, payment plans and contract

Does the storage unit charge by month? Does the storage facility offer any promotions? Do they allow you to cancel your contract whenever you want? How easy is to understand the contract? Are you willing to pay more but have a better service? Do they change you to move to bigger or smaller boxes?

3. The hours of operation and storage access

What are the storage facility’s hours of operation? Is the storage facility open during hours that work for you and your busy schedule? For ultimate convenience, it’s recommended choosing a facility that allows 24-hour access to your storage unit. All our facilities offer 24-hour access.

4. The storage unit’s environment and amenities

Is the storage unit climate-controlled? Climate-controlled storage units provide protection against heat and humidity as well as cold temperatures. Items such as electronics and furniture are particularly prone to weather-related damage.

5. The safety and security measures

Protecting your items inside storage should be top of mind when selecting a self-storage unit. The self-storage unit must offer safety features to ensure that your items are secure. Make sure to consider the safety features offered before signing a contract with a storage facility. In our facilities we always have CCTV, 24 hour response, smoke detection, fire lightning equipment

6. The facility’s insurance options

You may need a self-storage facility that offers additional insurance options to protect your items while in storage. Not only will insuring your items give you peace of mind while items are inside the storage unit, but it will also provide you with compensation in case your items are damaged. Make sure you understand the events that are covered by the insurance policy and the compensation that will be due. If the insurance offered is insufficient, consider purchasing additional cover.



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