Staycation in Portugal

This year do not spend your summer vacation abroad. Try a Staycation in Portugal, visit the most beautiful corners and help our local economy! Do not forget, it will always be necessary to comply with the safety rules by keeping social distancing and using masks in closed places.

In this article, we try to give you alternative places normally crowded as is the case of the Algarve region, to make the most of your vacation in Portugal.

You can always choose local accommodation, rural hotels or airbnb. Let's try our best to help, whoever got their economy stopped.

See all our suggestions below!



Peso da Régua is located in the District of Vila Real, in the beautiful Douro region.

You can take a boat ride along the second largest Portuguese river. If the activity ends during the late afternoon, stay by the river and taste some of the delicacies of the region: Douro wine (white or red), accompanied by cheeses, bread and sausages.

This city in the Vila Real district also allows you to do two things: the first is that you disconnect from the whirlwind of the city and forget that there are fossil fuels. The second is to be able to enjoy, slowly, one of the most beautiful areas of the country, always with a mild temperature, without the normal excesses of this phase of the year in Portugal.

So what do you have to see/visit? Namely: the Viewpoint of São Leonardo and São Domingos, the Douro Museum and, if you feel strong, you can take a walk in the Historic Douro Train and enjoy the breathtaking views. If you prefer the bike, you can fix it, too. It's tourism in Portugal and it's summer vacation, but without having to create a hole in your bank account..



This destination is in the municipality of Ferreira do Zêzere, district of Santarém. It is a Peninsula, which gives an even greater charm to this village of a very religious nature.

Here you can enjoy the Dornes river beach, one of several existing in the region. The few existing cafes are always facing the beautiful view of the beach.



Ponte da Barca, in Alto Minho and bordering east with... Spain, of course. The Lima River is one of its attractions, besides the village, based on an architecture that takes us back a few Centuries.

During the summer holidays, it becomes a destination for several parties and where you can make the most of all the wines and traditional dishes of the region.

You can also enjoy the Bridge over Lima, the Church of Ponte da Barca, the Church and the Monastery of Bravães, the Lindoso Castle and the Quartz Crystal Museum.



Our summer holidays may be simpler than what we might initially think: just an hour away from Lisbon we find a fabulous destination for your getaway in Portugal.

Comporta is integrated in the Sado Estuary Nature Reserve, which makes this region have more than 200 species of birds. Bird observation is one of our suggestions. Another, which is obligatory, is to visit the Rice Museum. A space that will tell you the history of the region, associated with rice, through videos, photographs and utensils used since 1830 — the date that culture was instituted by these parts.

Whiteking beach, calm, blue and translucent waters. It is also close to Troia and Carvalhal, both with excellent beaches. Always pay attention to overcrowding and safety distance!



This is the case of Castelo Rodrigo, a parish that belongs to the municipality of Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo, which borders Spain.

A perfect place for your summer holidays, as they will allow you to change the view of the sun and beach to a historic village of the country, surrounded by mountains. In fact, this is one of those places where history is learnt every step of the way.

All this should be done on foot, with comfortable shoes, as you will go up and down small streets that will make you lose your breath. Take the time to breathe the fresh air we need so much.

Around you, you still have Almeida and, of course, Spain. A getaway in Portugal with the opportunity to visit the neighboring country is always to enjoy. The city of Guarda is also nearby, if you want a little urban life, albeit with little excitement.


These are just a few options within the immense hideaways that Portugal offers, do your research and stay safe on your vacations.

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