Small Businesses That Can Benefit From Self-Storage


Transporting heavier items is made easier by loading docks at storage facilities, which are available for heavy items as well.

Self-storage offers contractors flexibility and convenience. You can rent a unit near the construction site, saving you valuable time driving from one location to the next. 

Food and Beverage

In the restaurant and catering industry, excess supplies, equipment, and tools are a common occurrence. The best solution is to have a storage unit that your team can easily access when necessary, leaving you more space for other events. Maximize bulk discounts on ordering large quantities of non perishable items.

Law and Medical Firms

Unless you are completely digital, running a business involves a lot of paperwork that tends to pile up quickly.

Since many law and medical firms are required to keep hard copies, small business file storage containing financial records, invoices, and tax documents can be safely stored in storage units.

Retail and Commerce

A retail business can always benefit from additional storage space, whether they have a physical store or sell exclusively on the internet. Inventory, marketing materials, and trade show supplies can be safely stored in self-storage units.

It can also help businesses better prepare for seasonal sales by acquiring merchandise before the holiday season’s peak sales period.


OrangeSpace is the self-storage for your small business needs. With on-site package delivery acceptance, dock level for truck deliveries, carts and trollies available!

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