Quality of life at work: how to improve?

Empower leaders

It is essential to train the professional if you are going to promote him to another position. For example, if the company has an excellent sales analyst, by climbing him to a management role, one can lose a great employee. Therefore, it is essential to empower each one before changing his/ her role.

Offer workshops and trainings in the area. In this way, the employee will more easily feel prepared to take on the new post with confidence.

Give employees feedback

Every professional aspires to growth in their area. Frequent feedback is very important because it allows the staff to see if they headed in the right direction or not.

This will give confidence that person is on the path pointed out by their manager and will increase employee self-esteem.

Recognize the work of the employee

It is important to encourage your employee by praising him and congratulating for some successful function. Everyone likes to feel motivated.

It is very common for it to happen in practice the other way around. Which means that many superiors criticize their employees around others in a situation of failure.

Try to highlight their attributes in public and if you have to criticize something, do it in private.

Encourage personal organization

Disorganization is part of the day-to-day lives of most people. In this way, they tend to fulfill their responsibilities during lunch or rest time.

Try to stimulate and demand from the employees a planning for the realization of activities. This will ensure efficiency.

Improve working conditions

Providing a physical space with comfortable furniture, spaces for circulation, light, temperature and acoustics is important to increase the productivity of the employees and provide greater quality of life at work.

To help in this sense, you can count on the support of an OrangeSpace Self-Storage unit, which will allow the storage of various types of objects, such as documents, goods, old equipment, among others. It will make the work environment more pleasant and organized, free from clutter and the accumulation of materials rarely used.

Providing employees with quality of life at work brings many benefits to a company, such as greater profitability —as healthy employees tend to produce more in their role.

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