How to pack a Sofa

How to pack a Sofa

A sofa may be one of the most expensive items you buy for your home. It is important that you protect it when you keep it for a long time.The first thing you should do when preparing your storage to be put in a long-term storage unit, is clean it.

  1. Clean the sofa fabric well by wiping it down with an antimicrobial cleaner labelled for the specific sofa material. Allow the sofa to dry completely. Never store it wet or it could create mold.
  2. If it is the case, polish any wooden or metal parts of the sofa with an appropriate polisher according to the directions provided by the product's manufacturer.
  3. Remove any detachable wooden or metal legs or other parts and place them in a bag or box. If there is any chance, they will potentially scratch or damage each other, wrap each in bubble wrap or another suitable packing material before you place them in the bag or box.
  4. Place each completely dry, removable sofa pillow in a plastic bag or wrap it with plastic.
  5. If you can, set pallets down on the floor of the storage unit. Cover the pallets with a layer of thick plastic sheeting or old bed sheets.
  6. Set the sofa up on end only if you absolutely need the space and you believe that the sofa is sturdy enough to withstand this positioning.
  7. Do not stack heavy items on the sofa for the sake of maximizing storage space, as these objects can create permanent damages in the furniture

There are also commercially-available covers specifically designed to fit over sofas in OrangeSpace.


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