How To Organize A Business Inventory In a Storage

Make a List

It’s essential that you first make a list of everything you intend to store in self-storage. Take a look around your office and see what you can store to free up some space. Separate what you need on a daily basis and what could be store on a self storage unit.

Pack Properly

If you want to keep the integrity of your inventory and supplies, pack efficiently. Store items you aren’t planning on using for a while at the back of your unit and place those you use more frequently in front. To keep files organized and visible, store them in boxes or plastic bins that are specifically designed for this purpose. Avoid using random-sized containers and boxes as they may be unstable when stacked and cause them to collapse

Use a good labelling system

Choose a storage unit with enough size for you to access all your items

Organize Floor Plan

There should be clear zones for receiving and shipping. Especially, if you are storing varying merchandise.

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