8 Effective Ways To Store Electronic Devices

To keep your electronics in great condition while in storage, you must know the proper methods to store them.

1 - Take Inventory

Once you have fully sorted your devices, take an inventory to make it easier for you to track stored items later.

2 - Remove all batteries

Some of your older electronic devices might still be using an alkaline battery as a source of power. The problem with this type of battery is that it doesn’t do too well in storage and tends to leak out a corrosive substance. As a result, it can damage the floor around and others. Prevent this by removing alkaline batteries from your electronics.

3 - Make Sure Your Data Is Secured

Electronics such as computers, smartphones, digital cameras, and portable storage devices may contain important data. Double-check the data and make backups. This is a preventive measure in case the storage drives fail or cease functioning, especially during long-term storage.

5 - Remove All Plugged Accessories and Parts

Before storing your device, make sure all these parts and pieces are separated from each other to avoid them from getting stuck to the main unit or get damaged while still connected to the device.

6 - Make Sure to Cover Monitors and Screens

Screens and monitors must be covered with materials such as cotton cloth, canvas, or cardboard for protection.

7 - Use Bubble Wrap for Extra Protection

It’s not completely necessary, bubble wrap can add an extra layer of protection for your electronics.

8 - Use the Original Packaging

For TVs, speakers, laptops, or other medium and large electronic devices, the original packaging is almost always better to use for long-term storage. The original box has internal supports to secure and protect a particular device from impact damage, transport, and long-term warehouse storage. 

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