Working From Home

Due to pandemic most people have been forced to work from home and we know it can be difficult to adjust to working from your home environment.

Here are some tips to keep your concentration and work routine during your work hours.

Get dressed up

First of all, avoid wearing your pyjama’s all day. Take a bath, put some clothes on and let’s go fresh to work, even if it is just a trip to your bedroom desk.

Get off the Snacks

With the kitchen a few steps from your new office, it can be tempting to grab some snacks from time to time.  This will slow down your productivity with all the back and forth!

Productive Outside works hours

Outside of your work hours, use the extra time at home to do something productive around the house this can be therapeutic. This could mean a bit of organization, DIY or decluttering certain areas of your home which you are now spending time in. If you see that you need extra space to store your unused items, we have the perfect solution with our safe and secure self-storage.


It can be difficult to fit it in but why during lunch break? It will give you an energy boost for the rest of the day. You can always watch some videos on YouTube, do a quick google search or watch one of the plenty online live training options.


Make sure you keep healthy during your time working from home, stay positive and be safe.

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