How To Deal With Anxiety During The Move

1 - Throw away what you no longer need

Change is a great time to throw away old things that are no longer needed. It will help free up space in your home and reduce cleaning.

2 - Take only what you are really going to use

It's important to have a clear idea of what you're holding onto and why. Then when it comes to unboxing, it will be much easier to organise your belongings.

3 - Make a list of everything you need to do before moving

Packing and taking your things will not be the only part of the move. It is necessary to fully coordinate the departure from one house to another, cancelling utility services such as water, gas, electricity and internet, while setting everything up again for your new address.

4 - Ask for help and distribute tasks

Do not try to do everything yourself. If you do not have someone to count on, hire a company and you will get help from professionals during your move. This will certainly relieve much of the stress during the process.

5 - Respect your feelings

While the reasons for the change may be positive, feelings of sadness and anxiety can always appear. When that happens, accept these emotions, and think you will soon be at a new moment in your life.

6 - Keep to your routine

With all the hustle and bustle of change, it is quite common to lose track of your usual routine. However, try your best to rest and eat well to maintain strong energy levels to "take care" business.

6 - Take time to deal with the change

Change also stirs feelings, so it is good to take time off to get to know and adapt to your new home before resuming your usual work routine or starting a new job.

7 - Breakdown the packing process

Packing can be a daunting task, particularly if you've accumulated a lot of possessions. It can also be a time-consuming process. If you have a particularly large amount of items to pack, or feel overwhelmed in general, start by breaking down the process room-by-room. 

8 - Account for unplanned interruptions

Anxiety and stress can be elevated during the moving process because of time constraints. It's easy to underestimate the time needed to pack up your possessions and you may need to coordinate the process with a busy agenda. So start everything early allowing for unplanned interruptions.

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